Sell your house. Stay in your home.

Our sell and rent back program helps families get themselves back up. We will give you cash, and you get to keep your life as is.
No moving costs, no changing schools, no pricey sales fees.
Nothing changes.

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Our Sell and Rent Back Program might be for you !

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Fill out our form to se if you home fits our criteria.  We will assess your property and check your property status and financial situation.

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We will craft a deal and a contract that will fit your needs.  No costs, and fast closing.

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Get your money and stay at home.  Do not change a thing. Plan your future with less bills to pay.

Repurchase you Home or Move

You can repurchase your home, renegotiate your lease, or move.  You control it.

Benefits of Sell and Rent Back

  • Fast Close
  • No Moving costs
  • Privacy
  • Protected Credit
  • Stop Foreclosure
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Fresh start
  • No HOA, no Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions about Sell and Rent Back Program

How much will I have to pay to rent my house?

Rentback sets rental prices for sale-leaseback homes close to rental prices of similar homes nearby.

Can I afford to pay rent?

Owners having trouble making mortgage payments often have this question.  We have several plans to accommodate your needs.  We can prepay, as a simple form of guarantee, or we can figure out other solutions for your problems.

What is sale-leaseback?

Sale-leaseback is simply a real estate transaction in which the seller becomes a tenant and the buyer becomes a landlord.

What is my house worth?

We assess the property and its conditions, and look at comparable houses in the area.  We come up with a price offer and a rental proposal.  Our proposal is fast closing and cash.

I have received a foreclosure notice. Is it too late to call you ?

If your home is scheduled to go into auction in the next 3 weeks, you still have a chance.  Let us know right away, and click here.

How does the property inspection work?

We will send out a qualified professional to your home and assess the condition of the house and if there are any repairs needed.  This process takes approximately 30 mins, depending on the size of the house.

When do I get my home equity?

Once the deal closes, we will deposit your cash as per our agreement.

What changes ?

Nothing changes with your everyday life.  We now own the house and you are now a tenant.

We will pay insurance, HOA fees, and property taxes.

You will pay rent, and utilities.  Only.

When will my mortgage be paid off?

If your home is mortgaged, or you have unpaid tax and other liens on your property, these will be paid off at closing. What’s leftover is your home equity, and will be deposited to your account per our agreement.

How much will I have to pay to rent my house?

Your rent will be similar to houses like yours in the area.